A Fatwa-Worthy Gallery

By Aaron on June 25, 2012 12 Comments

Some blasts from the past. No particular order:

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    AssIFuck () AssIFuck !!!
    My humble request for All Non-Muslim if you didn’t study ”Islam” please don’t waste time learning anything about ”Islam”

    Please website owner is humble request please publicize all post.
    Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please !!!

  2. contact labrouzi.othmane@gmail.com

    muhahammed bint hazir . true. all the pictures that you make it is not enough. islam will not get in army to fight like men. they send women and children to fight for men because men too busy having sex with pigs. muslim always without fight or gaol in our life. this why you easy verify all religions better than lies in quran with your head ????? and you see what is the truth in this life , how pitifull we’are .

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    I request all who are defending Islam to stop commenting and to tell their friends to enjoy the pictures on this site.

    The more ridicule for Islam, the sooner there will be peace on earth.

  5. contact omarkouka@gmail.com

    assalamu / Alaikum

    God does not love Musilm. God hates murder and mysogyny, so he hates Islam above all.

    Koran is an outrageous impudence , and truly may allah punish all who still believe false Koran on the Day of Judgment Day. for that what Islam has done in this world



    Allah hates Muslims.

  6. contact Carazy_1@live.co.uk

    Shows how the truth hurts so much that Muslim have to attack and mock true religions.
    Islamic men will never be a man and get in a uniform and fight honorably. They hide behind women and children because the Koran is full of lies.
    1.2 billion illiterate followers of the pedophile mysogynist pagan who launched 1400 years of murder need to face the facts instead of acting childish and putting this sort of nonsense up.

    Stop the lies. Eat bacon. Drink beer.

  7. contact kamel-roma-181@live.fr

    يا أيها المسلمون الزناة والقتلة الخنازير الأبرياء .. جيد للقضاء المتسكعون مع صفحات من القرآن غير مقدس. والله سوف تغلي المسلمين في القرف خنزير إلى الأبد. تغطي المرأة مسلمة وجوه لأنهم أقبح من الخنازير. الرجال شهوة مسلمين لممارسة الجنس مع الفتيان الأحمق مسلم. رجال مسلمين شرب السائل المنوي للخنازير. سوف يموت الإسلام مثل البابليين، والإغريق، والرومان والعثمانيين والإسبانية والبريطانية. ليس جيدا يأتي من العالم مسلم. أكره والقتل فقط. وممارسة الجنس مع الخنازير..

  8. contact hayatullahamiri9@gmail.com

    Dear Humans

    Please don’t disrespect the religion of Islam if you believe in God. Burn every Quran because it is filled with lies and hate and murder. Better Muslim mothers sleep with pigs and camels than filthy pedophile Muslim men. Muslim women covered in burqa because no women are uglier. Their faces are ugly like Helen Thomas and their souls are uglier.

  9. contact mofyeam5005@gmail.com
    قاهر اليهود says:

    ( وصدق الله عز وجل )

    أتباع محمد يمارس الجنس مع الخنازير في الجحيم إلى الأبد

  10. contact Aarnm@hotmail.com

    Allahu hazir!
    Allahu hazir!
    Allahu hazir!

  11. contact Aarnm@hotmail.com

    May Allah give jihhinom to all Muslims.

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