Mohammed’s Mother’s Name: أم خنزير من محمد

By Aaron on September 23, 2013 10 Comments

It was the shibboleth used to separate Muslims from non-Muslims.

Pronounce it “Amina bint Hazir”.

Photo below of the conception of Mohammed’s mother:

what is the name of Mohammed's mother?

Here is Mohammed’s mother today:

Here is Mohammed

The MoHamster Dance

By Aaron on October 18, 2012 1 Comment

Thursday, May 11, 2006

mohammed mohammed on kaaba

Dear Jihadists… Bite Me!


The MoHamster Dance
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A temporary gift for my jihadist hackers until I return in full force.

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Losing My Religion (c) R.E.M.

A Fatwa-Worthy Gallery

By Aaron on June 25, 2012 7 Comments

Some blasts from the past. No particular order: