Mohammed’s Mother’s Name: أم خنزير من محمد

By Aaron on September 23, 2013 11 Comments

It was the shibboleth used to separate Muslims from non-Muslims.

Pronounce it “Amina bint Hazir”.

Photo below of the conception of Mohammed’s mother:

what is the name of Mohammed's mother?

Here is Mohammed’s mother today:

Here is Mohammed

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    Hello, please never stop the commentars and never delete the pictures and the website. Islam deserves to be mocked until all leave that false moon-god-worshipping and child-sacrificing death cult.

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    all persons said says:

    Mohammed is the best person of the world at spreading murder and recipes for sex with pigs who are more beautiful than Muslim women.

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    Our false Prophet Mohammad … We are not sorry because we hate you even we don’t know you. I wish from all of you to know that koran is shit \before you judge … Mohammed is the most evil man on the earth in history for causing so much murder and hate
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